Why this?


This blog is a collection of random writings, images, and occasional rantings, providing me with a kind of searchable notebook.  I like to think of it as a magical box full of sheets of manuscript paper written in longhand, mostly in pencil, where each sheet can be found in an instant by pronouncing the correct google-like spell.  The blog is therefore primarily for myself, though others may occasionally find something of interest.

Today, the twenty-first day of the quarantine for the covid-19 pandemic, seemed like a good occasion to start  such a venture.  I am pretty sure that it will last a good while longer, so there will be plenty of time to write.  We’ll see.

About the image above.  It presents a view of Ganymede,  not the lover of Zeus, but rather the third and largest moon of Jupiter. You can find the original at the US Geological Survey . This version has been processed several times, first for square-the-circle.com, an old blog of mine, and more recently for this page.

Why an image of Ganymede? The real reason is for no particular reason at all, though of course one can find many after the fact. It was convenient, and I could crop it to a 9:2 aspect ratio, so it would serve well as a header for this document.  Or, I could say that it represents man’s drive to explore, to forge into the unknown, whether in the physical world or the world of ideas.  But, returning to a more honest plane of discourse, it was simply a random choice, a way of pleasantly filling space.