Art Journal 9

The second week of art class at the Art Students League of New York. I’ve signed up for a critique of my paintings tomorrow, Friday February 18. Looking forward to some good advice. I continue to work with oil paints, which I quite like, despite the slow pace of the work: often a day, two days, three days between stages to let the paint dry. I love the way one can blend and work color with oils.

The first painting below started out as something completely different, with large irregular areas in pastel colors. I didn’t like where it was going and so changed course completely, painting a few rectangles, then adding the vertical and horizontal lines. At this point it was still too static, so added some diagonal lines and started to bring out the triangular shapes. By this time, the second session, a structure had emerged, and I continued to work with it. Three or four sessions in all.

Untitled, oil on canvas 24×30 inches

In the painting below, I began with some large irregular areas of color, then began to add rectangles of color. At some point I added the horizontal and vertical lines. Clearly I was using lessons of the previous painting. One point of difference: left areas of white.

Untitled, oil on canvas 18×24

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